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5 Types of Flower Bulbs to Plant in Spring in Ontario

Flower bulbs are easy to plant, need little maintenance, and get more beautiful as spring rolls on. The essential purpose of planting in spring is to help these flowers grow some roots and provide a delightful sight when they blossom! The first spring blooms are a cause for celebration after a long and cold winter. Daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips are some of the prettiest flowers to plant in early spring in gardens.

Flower Bulbs to Plant in Spring

You must know the proper time and method for the bright flower blooms to plant in spring. Enough time is needed for the bulbs to physically pop out, and form roots before the soil freezes due to winter. Following are the top 5 flower bulbs to plant in spring.
1. Tulips Tulips are spring-flowering perennial herbaceous bulbiferous geophytes from the Tulipa genus. Their spring blooming bulbs are typically huge, lavish, and brightly coloured primarily orange, red, pink, yellow, and white. They frequently have a unique coloured splotch at the bottom of the sepals on the inside. Among all spring flowers, they are the most adaptable flower bulbs to plant in spring and appear most between April and May. Tulip bulbs bloom at different heights and with various morphologies, appearing in the broadest, most comprehensive variety of colours. Whether you have a full-blown natural garden mix or a modern, recent, or minimalist garden, there's always a type of tulip that will fit your planting ideas. Furthermore, a bouquet of fresh tulips from the lawn looks fantastic inside the house. If you want tulips delivered straight to any address in Oshawa, or any place in Southern Ontario for that matter, then make use of Apple Blossom Flower’s same day flower delivery service and order flowers online at Oshawa.
2. Daffodils Daffodils, or Narcissus, are tough plants that grow in almost any place and are put in a bright, dependable, and strong environment early to mid-spring. There are so many benefits to these evergreen flowers. Sow the Daffodil bulbs in the fall and delight in seeing their beautiful blooms appear in the garden each spring, growing into bolder and larger clusters each time. Daffodils flourish effortlessly in boundaries, pots, rockeries, behind trees, or through grass, regardless of the weather. Furthermore, most daffodils are excellent flower bulbs to plant in spring as they can bloom indoors and have a lovely, sweet aroma. If you’re in Whitby and looking to get Daffodils delivered to any place in Whitby or across Southern Ontario, you can enjoy Apple Blossom Flower’s same day delivery service and order flowers online in Whitby.
3. Hyacinths The delightful perfume of hyacinths (Hyacinthus) is one of the best flower bulbs to plant in spring for scenting. You can catch the wonderful fragrance of these strongly scented blossoms from all over the garden! Bold and stunning, these heavy-set performers produce juicy flowers in every rainbow colour. Selecting large-sized hyacinth bulbs will result in plants with robust and vertical growth patterns and long-lasting blooms, lasting many weeks. Hyacinths are flexible and low-maintenance plants growing easily in pots or borders. Sweet-smelling hyacinths are a must if you enjoy arranging flowers in your house, and they are pretty simple to grow in indoor containers. They will smell amazing, and their scent can compete with any air freshener!
4. Allium bulbs Alliums are beautiful flowers that add a vibrant colour to any garden from the end of spring to midsummer. This is perfect timing to take over from the earliest-flowering spring bulbs as they fade and prevent the post-spring colour anti-climax, allowing the season of colour to flow smoothly into summer! Additionally, they deliver a decisive blow in the process. With their bold architectural appearance, these lively balls of colour add strength and contrast to any gardening setup. Large groups look amazing, but you can also obtain another effect by distributing them around boundaries where they can gently overhang neighbouring species. Allium bulbs come in various sizes, ranging from 30 cm to courageous giants that may grow to be 1.5–2 meters tall. They are also strong and effortless to produce. Undoubtedly, these are beautiful blossoms and excellent flower bulbs to plant in spring for display in the garden!
5. Iris Dwarf and Dutch iris are the two best flower bulbs to plant in spring to cultivate. If you plant both, you can enjoy their flashy, exotic-looking flowers at different times of the season. Iris reticulata, or dwarf iris, is one of the first springtime blooms emerging from the ground in February or March every year. These delicate little gems have elaborate blossoms that are meticulously detailed. They are tiny in size but have a considerable impression. These small jewels look great in borders, rockeries, or patio pots. Dutch iris are significantly taller; they bloom from late spring to early summer on tall, erect stems that can grow up to 50 cm tall. If you live in Bowmanville and want same day delivery of Iris bouquets, or a wide range of other flowers, you can opt for Apple Blossom Flower’s same day flower delivery in Bowmanville Ontario. Vibrant flowers in abundant, rich colour tones bloom readily and perpetually each year, growing into ever-larger and more stunning clumps. Undoubtedly, Dutch iris bulbs make a lovely display in the garden. Florists especially appreciate them for their beautiful bloom form and longer lifespan in the vase.

Key Takeaways

In Ontario, spring is a beautiful time to add a variety of flower bulbs to your garden and really bring out the colors of Spring. Every bulb species adds a distinct charm and vibrancy to the environment, whether you choose the delicate form of tulips, the cheery attractiveness of daffodils, or the classic grace of tulips. Gardeners may create breathtaking displays that announce the arrival of springtime in all its glory by choosing a selection of bulbs appropriate to Ontario's soil and environmental conditions. Furthermore, by drawing pollinators and promoting biodiversity, flower bulbs to plant in spring enhances aesthetic value while supporting ecological balance. Gardeners can experience a wide range of colours and smells that boost moods and thrill your senses through the spring season as well as after with thoughtful preparation and consideration of flowering times and locations. So, gather your gardening items, put on your gardening gloves, pick your choice from our list of top 5 flower bulbs to plant in spring and watch as flower bulbs turn your outdoor area into a flowery heaven!